Sphenopalatine Block


A migraine headache can cause intense throbbing or pulsing sensation in one area of the head and is commonly accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Migraine attacks can cause significant pain for hours to days and be extremely severe. Our specialists can help relieve migraine pain through a minimally invasive technique to deliver pain relieving agents directly to the nasal cavity nerves through sphenopalatine block.

What is a sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) block?

A nerve block is a procedure to stop pain transmission through anesthesia to the nerve. In a SPG block, an anesthetic agent is administered to the collection of nerves in the ganglion. The least invasive way to access the SPG is through the nose. The procedure is done in the office or clinic. The patient is instructed to lie on his/her back with the head tilted back and to the side (usually of the pain). A small applicator or catheter is inserted through the nostril to the very back of the nasal cavity. An anesthetic agent applied using catheter drips onto the back of the nasal cavity, is absorbed through the bone and into the SPG. The duration of pain relief varies from a few weeks to months. The procedure can be repeated as required.

The risks of the procedure are typically minimal. They include discomfort during and after the procedure, a numb sensation when swallowing, bitter taste from the anesthesia, bleeding from the nose and lightheadedness. These side effects typically resolve within minutes to a few hours. There is a very small risk of seizures, infection and allergic reactions.

Patient Testimonials

My experience with staff and the doctor was wonderful. The facility was in excellent condition and very comfortable, easily located and accessible. The ease of making appointments, the feeling that someone actually cared and how I felt and wanted to make my quality of life better.

-Dawn M.

I am so glad I found my way here. The staff at VIA go out of their way to assist, answer questions and make you feel comfortable.


-Sharon M.

Staff is attentive, warm & caring. They will do everything they can to help. They attended to a cut I had on my leg and helped me get my stockings on. The doctor even had a good laugh at something said, and made a difference in the whole experience.

-Judith W.

I would encourage them to go for consultation. The treatment and technology are incredible. The staff- always friendly and professional- Also the explaining about what was being done to a point I could understand.

-Todd A.

I am so grateful. The doctor and the staff are caring and compassionate, but best- competent and successful! Testing is done to validate both symptoms and results. I would recommend them very highly.

-Judy W.

I would tell them not to hesitate to pick up the phone and make the call, set up an appointment, and get started with a treatment plan. The staff will make you feel comfortable and welcome and will take great care of you. Everyone from Dr. Iqbal to Dawn the receptionist, to the “nurses in the kitchen”! They are all fun, down to earth, kind, compassionate, and sincere.

Thank you for making my experience superior!

-Jessica K.

Go-you wont be disappointed! I felt better the next day.

-James P.

The staff doing my procedure was exceptional. Over the top. Russ, Stephanie, Christie and Erica were great in making me feel comfortable and taking care of me. Thank you for everything!

-Dawn M.

Go- Don’t wait. They will do everything they can to help. They are attentive, warm & caring. Very friendly. The girls at the front desk greet you with a smile and it continues from there. All in all- it is a great practice all around.

-Judith W.

Kerry- Ultrasound Tech- extraordinaire! Applause!
The ultra sounds techs are the BEST- highly trained and significant to the procedure as they direct the doctor as he works.

-Sharon M.

My mother has improved 100%! I wouldn’t go anywhere else for this procedure, I myself will be returning for my veins. The doctor and all associates at this facility are not only friendly and courteous but I feel as if each patient is taken care of as if he or she were a family member! Dr. Iqbal goes to every extreme to care for his patients!

-Marta S.

Walking better, feeling better. All the nicest people.

– Francis V.

Get it done!! Wow!!!

-Steven O.

I really enjoy the staff and would highly recommend setting up and appointment sooner than later. The friendliness & patience of the staff at VIA is exceptional.

-Ronald W.

What has pleased me most is the caring that every member of the practice shows their patients at every visit. It is not easy to have something wrong with you, so having those who take care of you show you respect and concern is calming and rare.

-Genna A.

It has been made apparent by both Dr. Iqbal and his staff’s actions that the patient is number one.

-Suzanne P.

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