Medical Assistant (MA)

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

General Patient Care

• Reviews charts at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled appointment to ensure lab results, x-rays, and MRI/CT results have been received; calls testing facility if results have not been received

• Record all incoming CD’s

• Registers patients 48 hours prior to their appointment

• Obtain medical history and medical records on all patients prior to their appointment

• Greets patients and escorts them from the reception room to exam room

• Prepares patients for exam or treatment by taking a history, height/weight, and blood pressure, then recording the information in the patient’s chart

• Prepares exam and treatment rooms with necessary instruments

• Assists physicians in preparing for examinations and minor procedures

• Reviews pre-procedure instructions and explains the periprocedural process to patients 

• Ensures that pertinent laboratory results are reviewed by the physician

• Disposes of contaminated items according to OSHA guidelines

• Performs patient education duties, hands out brochures, and directs patients to specific Internet sites for more information

Telephone and Administrative

• Returns patient phone messages at designated times throughout the day; documents action taken in patient chart

• Triages incoming telephone calls; instructs patient and family regarding treatment instruction, then documents action taken in patient chart

• Oversees appointment bookings and ensures emergency situations are scheduled appropriately; maintains timely flow of patients

• Communicates physician referral requests to staff for necessary processing

• Replenishes supplies—stocks and cleans exam rooms and manages supply of pharmaceutical supplies and samples

• Oversees preparation of exam rooms, including re-stocking of treatment areas

• Schedules procedures for GVI


• Performs secretarial duties as assigned, including check in and check out of patients, answer phones, reviews fax tank, lab exceptions tank, N2N tank

• Maintains patient confidentiality; complies with HIPAA and compliance guidelines established by the practice

• Maintains detailed knowledge of practice management and other computer software as it relates to job functions

• Regular daily cleaning duties: cleaning bathrooms, garbage, laundry 

• No show / cancellation report for Physician Assistant schedules on a monthly basis

• Obtain EPA for prescriptions when necessary

• Attends annual CPR 

• Attends all regular meetings

• Performs all other tasks and projects assigned by the Manager or physicians