30 million American's suffer from venous disease per year.

In extreme cases untreated venous insufficiency can lead to skin changes, and eventually to debilitating non-healing leg ulcers.

Treatments Available

Sharon M.

The venous closure procedure has relieved night cramps that went right up to the groin area, I am so relieved. I have been encouraging my younger family members who have similar symptoms to take the plunge and do this!

Genna A.

I would say that if you think you have issues with your veins, there is no better practice to be checked out by.

Azher Iqbal, MD


At Buffalo Vascular Care, we are dedicated to patient centered treatment that includes consultation, diagnosis, treatment and follow up for individuals suffering from venous insufficiency.

Venous insufficiency is a disorder in which the veins have become dilated and the valves inside the veins have become weakened leading to varicose veins, leg cramping, aching, swelling, fatigue, pain and, in severe cases, darkened pigmentation of the skin and ulcers.

We are committed to providing all patients with high quality care that comes from our extensive training and experience in image guided vascular procedures. Using the comprehensive state-of-the-art resources of the Buffalo Vascular Care, we are able to diagnose your vein problem and plan treatment to meet your needs.

Blanka Heary, RPA-C
Clinical Coordinator at BVC


Venous insufficiency may not only cause unsightly varicose veins and skin discoloration, it can also have an extremely negative impact on your quality of life resulting in pain and limited level of activity.

At Buffalo Vascular Care, we believe that patients deserve individualized care, where the provider has intimate diagnostic knowledge of the patients' problems and takes time to discuss the appropriate treatment plan with each patient.

We strive to offer the best quality of care in a non-hospital, patient-centric setting where our team focuses on each individual patient's needs and concerns.

Patients at Buffalo Vascular Care are treated with the utmost care, respect, and empathy. We adhere to the highest ethical standards creating mutually trusting provider-patient relationships.

Erin Paone, RPA-C


Symptoms from venous insufficiency can negatively impact your quality of life and limit you ability to do activities that you enjoy.

Buffalo Vascular Care is an innovative, outpatient facility that delivers high quality care. During your office visit with us, we will review all treatment options for venous insufficiency. We will discuss conservative and procedural treatment options. We focus on patient education so you can make informed decisions regarding treatment for your varicose veins.